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Al Ramz Corporation P.J.S.C. and its subsidiaries are firmly committed to fighting money laundering and terrorist funding. Our group actively abides by international standards, laws, and regulations set by the Institute of Internal Auditors which regulates internal controls, prevents money laundering and terrorist funding in our operational jurisdiction.


We have an independent internal audit department which reports directly to the Board Audit Committee. The chief goal of this department is to oversee the Group’s activities and ensuring compliance on all levels via the use of policies, procedures, regulatory requirements along with a proper evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls.


The Internal Audit department also assists the Group in achieving strategic business objectives, through identifying and neutralizing risk factors as well as delivering relevant insights.


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Safeguarding financial information is increasingly challenging.

At Al Ramz, we make it a priority to provide you with access to the information you need to protect yourself and to help keep your information secure.


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Personal information
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