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Liquidity Providing

Al Ramz offers Liquidity Providing services as a licensed Market Maker on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, the Dubai Financial Market and Nasdaq Dubai.

Listed entities experiencing trading disruption due to trade flow imbalances or inconsistent liquidity can remedy such disruptions through the appointment of a Liquidity Provider.

A Liquidity Provider places buy and sell orders with the objective of reducing bid/ask spreads as well as reducing price and volume volatility.

Liquidity Providing mandates are tailored to meet the specific requirements of listed entities.  Mandate parameters are initially outlined and calibrated thereafter to align results.

Listed entities enjoying a steady stream of trade flows benefit from a broader investor base and lower illiquidity discount.  Directors wishing to enhance shareholders’ return are encouraged to address liquidity challenges affecting their stock.

Al Ramz brings its extensive experience in the financial markets of the UAE to serve the needs of its customers.  Our Liquidity Providing value proposition is based on a strong track record and stellar credentials.