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Welcome to Al Ramz.  I am extremely pleased to welcome you to our website, and to share the very essence of our company through its pages.

Over the years, Al Ramz has achieved several significant milestones that have distinguished us as a provider of financial services in the UAE, and placed us at the forefront of our peers.

It is thanks to our team’s firm dedication towards our values and the highest ethical standards that define our work across the board.A unique combination of product quality, customer service and support, a prudent experienced management and a highly motivated team, allows us to offer superlative services to our valued clients, whose interests are at the heart of our company.

Our extensive experience and commitment to our values and code of conduct have seen us through times of crisis, and will continue to see us forward into the future of our sector both locally, regionally and globally.

As a company, we continue to nurture creativity in our employees so that they can in turn develop the best products and services possible for our clients.  Our motto is Capital Ideas, Human Values, and we remain true to it as we provide our professional and innovative team with the necessary training to improve our products and services, while maintaining a strong work ethic at all times. 

Our pursuit for success is a never-ending ambition that continuously inspires us to set new goals for ourselves.  Under the guidance of our management team, our company will continue to serve our clients and deliver value to them, while maintaining a mutually beneficial business relationship with our stakeholders.

Al Ramz is a great company with a wonderful product portfolio, and our team of talented, dedicated and passionate professionals is excited to share our services with investors in the UAE and the region.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  We look forward to the opportunity of presenting you with our expert services and advice.

Managing Director

Mohammad Al Mortada Al Dandashi